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This is the Africa of your wildest dreams…

It is the Africa of your wildest dreams - Zambia is one of the last truly unspoiled destinations in the world. In this diverse Eden you will find a unique ecosystem that generates an unparalleled miscellany of fauna and flora. East Zambia is the choice destination, where the serious sport hunter ventures in search of the adrenaline filled hunt, the quality trophy, and the safari of a lifetime. Mbizi is also a paradise for ornithologists and other wildlife enthusiasts, with a recorded 470 different bird species and 60 different mammals.

We offer you one of the finest big game hunting grounds in the world, where nature feels unexplored, unvisited, like walking the tracks of the explorers before us. See Africa as very few people do, a continuous visual feast that will stay in your memory forever:

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Classic Big Game hunting grounds, where the nature feels unexplored...